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Auditorium seating are usually fixed and installed in public venues such as theaters, auditoriums, churches, conference centers, school lecture halls. With the wide application of new materials and technologies, modern auditorium chairs not only meet the basic needs of sitting, but also have more comfort and practical designs, so that people can be more immersed in the auditorium environment to appreciate, listen, or learn. We have a complete solution for auditorium seats, let’s work together to create a perfect auditorium for you.

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Best Selling Auditorium Seating Chairs in 2024

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Affordable Plastic Auditorium Seating (AS101)

Affordable Plastic Auditorium Seating (AS101)

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Durable Auditorium Chairs in Training Room
Durable Auditorium Chairs in Training Room
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Affordable Plastic Auditorium Seating for School
Affordable Plastic Auditorium Seating for School
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When Wholesale Auditorium Seating from China, you will face a lot of confusion. Not just the price, product (model, detail, quality), supplier reliability, delivery, shipping, customs, etc., each one affects your business. All these, Highwey Furniture can handle for you.

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Custom Auditorium Seating for You

Looking for personalized Custom Auditorium Seating for You? This must be an effective way to improve the image of your auditorium.

4 Key Parts That Determine Auditorium Seating Classes Buyers Must Know

There are many auditorium seat models based on different configurations. While they enrich the choices, they also increase the difficulty for buyers to choose a truly suitable auditorium chair. We generally recommend making the right choice based on functionality, price, aesthetics, etc. Below are the 4 main auditorium seating sections:

Back Panel & Seat Panel: Affordable auditorium seats are made from molded PP parts, while better ones are made from melamine plywood, and velvet fabrics are also available.

Backrest & Seat Cushion: Made of velvet fabric and cold foam PU sponge. The seat cushion shape and backrest with lumbar support are ergonomically designed.

Armrests and Writing Boards: Solid wood armrests and aluminum castings, integrated with different types of writing boards, are both high-end and practical.

Stanchions Legs: Steel materials include cold-rolled steel or aluminum castings, which can be fixed or movable, and different shapes can be selected according to the design style.

NOTE: If you are looking for stackable chairs for church, please visit our Church Chairs category.

3 Steps to Simplify Your Auditorium Seating Chairs Configuration

After determining the main components of the auditorium seats according to the needs of functionality, price and aesthetics, you can further configure your auditorium seats according to the following 3 steps.

Color Options: The material exposed on the surface of the auditorium seats determines the color of the auditorium seats, such as fabric, leather, wood or even metal. You can choose according to your needs.

Writing Board Type: It is an important part of the auditorium chair and can be installed in front and behind the auditorium chair. There are different types of writing boards to suit different scene needs, and more complex processes may increase the cost a little.

More Practical Options: such as adding shelves or buckets for cups or bottles, adding mesh pockets for books on the back, adding rows and seat number plates, etc.

Worry-free Auditorium Seating Manufacturing Services

Whether you are a buyer who is worried about buying suitable auditorium chairs, or you are struggling to find a reliable auditorium seat manufacturer for your product line, with our professional capabilities in the auditorium seating industry, you can sit back and relax.

Custom-made: We can provide product design, mould design, sample production service.

Seating Layout: Make a layout according to actual site, details with the number of seats, the floor seating area and row space.

3D Virtual Solutions: Customize 3D drawing accrording to acutal site for your requirement.

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Things to Know About Auditorium Seating

When selecting suitable Auditorium Seating for your projects, you’ll need to pay attention to several factors. The following content can help you better understand auditorium chairs.

What are the seats in an auditorium called?

Auditorium seating, or auditorium chairs, are typically fixed seats found in auditoriums, lecture halls, churches, large conference centers, and other public venues. They are arranged in straight rows, or in an arc, facing a central stage or podium. They do not have desks or tables, but often have writing board to allow people to take notes or use laptops and other devices.

What is the difference between theatre and auditorium seating?

A theater is typically referred to as a cultural or entertainment venue used for hosting live performances, and theater seating is designed with greater emphasis on comfort, including features like cup holders. An auditorium is a more general term that encompasses theaters, schools, churches, conference halls, etc., and auditorium seats often come with additional functionalities, such as writing board.

If you want to buy seats for theater projects such as performance halls, cinemas, opera houses and more, check out our Movie Theater Seats category.

How much does a auditorium seat cost?

The cost of auditorium seating includes product cost and freight. The ex-factory price of Chinese manufacturers ranges from $45-145 per seat, and the freight is floating.

Generally speaking, if you need auditorium seats that can fill one container, such as 350, or load other products together, wholesale auditorium chairs from China manufacturers will have a better price/performance ratio.

In general, if you need to buy more than 200 auditorium seats, you can try to send us an inquiry for an accurate price calculation, which may save you a lot of money. We can also provide door-to-door shipping in some countries.

What are auditorium seats made of?

The primary materials used for auditorium seats include metal (cold-rolled steel or aluminum), sponge, fabric/leather, wood panels, polypropylene, etc., and the equipment involved includes metal processing equipment, die-casting machines, foaming machines, woodworking machinery, plastic machinery, and so on.

How wide is an auditorium chair?

The size of the seat is measured from the center of one armrest to the other. Typically, the width of chairs ranges from 19 to 22 inches, with some stadium seats being 18 inches and some premium models reaching a width of 26 inches. It should be noted that the size of the seat affects both customer comfort and seating capacity.

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